Do’s and Don’ts for Planning a Winter Wedding

Do’s and Don’ts for Planning a Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding is fun and exciting. Just like a summer wedding, winter weddings come with their own sets of positives and challenges. While many brides flock to the summer months to tie the knot, more brides are opting for the winter season to throw a special party people will be talking about until the summer.

While winter weddings can have a ton of benefits, they do require special planning to take into account the season. Don’t worry! We’ll help you with some dos and don’ts so you can plan the perfect winter nuptials.

DO: Design it however you’d like

Just because your wedding is taking place in the winter season, it doesn’t mean you have to opt for dark reds, pine cones, and snowflake décor. More and more brides are stepping outside the norm and opting for a lighter colour palette (think: blush, light blues, and violet) and ditching the holiday decorations.

Glitter is really in for both summer and winter weddings. Feel free to dream up your wedding and ignore the season, or mix in classic and modern ideas.

DON’T:  Get down by declines

One thing about the winter month is that people are busy and sometimes afraid to travel due to weather. Winter can bring about its own challenges, especially for those who are not frequent travelers. Take each “no” response to your invitations with a grain of salt and understand that winter can be a busy time with some bad weather.

One tip is to give people their save the dates with lots of notice if you’re planning around the holidays so you can get into their schedule as soon as possible.

DO: Have a cozy late night snack

While summer may call for BBQs and food trucks, winter has so many delicious options for food. Go crazy with your appetizers and desserts, especially your late night snack! Have hot chocolate with a cookie bar for dipping, or do a make your own s’mores station. Serve mulled apple cider – your guests will love the smell of cinnamon in the air. Anything that makes your guests feel warm is an excellent choice, and there are tons of options that will create the right atmosphere.

DON’T: Forget to dress for the weather

Nothing says awkward photos like freezing brides and bridesmaids. Get creative with some faux-fur covers and fancy footwear. If you’re wearing a long dress, feel free to put tights on underneath. If you’re shivering, your photos will definitely show it, so you want to be careful with being too chilly if you’re doing an outdoor shoot.

Order some cheap fleece blankets for the reception and bundle them together with a ribbon for guests. Offer comfortable footwear near the dancefloor (like slippers!) for people who want to take off their winter footwear to bust a move. Get creative with it and see what happens.

Need some help planning your winter wedding? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us about any questions you may have.

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital