5 Reasons To Get Married This Winter

With many brides flocking to have rustic weddings or beach weddings, it may seem only natural to also aim for a summer or fall wedding. Many brides overlook a winter wedding due to its cold weather and unpopularity, but many also forget the benefits that can come with having a wedding during “off” season.

According to weddingbells.ca, in Canada “67% of weddings will occur between June and September. The most popular month to marry in is August, with 23% of weddings taking place that month.” Do you really want to be one of many brides fighting over venues, caterers, and florists? Maybe you should take a second to think about it!

5 benefits of having a winter wedding

Here are five reasons to consider a winter wedding:

1. Cut back on costs

Winter isn’t as popular with most brides, making it a downtime for vendors and venues. Since business traffic takes a huge dip in the winter, many vendors and venues offer discounted rates in the winter. If you’re a bride on a budget, or a money savvy bride, this route could save you huge bucks if you want to do something different.

2. Have your pick of vendors

Some popular venues and vendors get booked up a year in advance for summer months! If you’re having a last minute wedding, or just a bride who wants to have all her top picks without having to pull some hair and throw elbows, then a winter wedding can be perfect for you. Casually plan your wedding on your own time, since many brides aren’t even thinking of planning a wedding from December to March.

3. Do something different

Winter settings can be gorgeous and absolutely stunning. The white snow is the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding shoot, and you can get creative with your décor. Your guests will also love being able to come to your wedding in the winter at a time where their weekends aren’t filled with cottages, vacations, and other couples’ weddings. You can get creative with your decorations, pictures, and even food.

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4. Winter menus to warm the soul

Since your wedding is in the winter, no one is thinking about fitting into their bikini all summer, and people are going to bring an appetite! Your guests will come ready to eat, and winter menus are perfect for creative comfort foods and tasty appetizers. Think: mac n’ cheese, lava cake desserts, and a hot chocolate bar. Yummm. You can get really creative with the menu and not worry about having food that’s not right for warm weather.

5. Up the romance

There’s just something so romantic about snow, apple cider, candles, and a fireplace. What a perfect backdrop for a wedding. Your guests will be full of holiday cheer and want to be around family, friends, and everyone will be feeling the love of your big day. You can hand out blankets as a party favor and have a chocolate bar to introduce some romantic vibes to your reception. Plus, in the winter, red roses are totally a go.

There are tons of benefits to having a winter wedding, so let your imagination run wild and think of how sweet it’ll feel to cozy up together at your head table with good food, dancing, and finishing the evening off cuddled up by the fireplace before jetting off to your warm honeymoon.


Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital