5 Benefits of having a winter wedding

Winter weddings are growing in popularity – and for good reason! The winter months not only provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding, tasty menu options, and money savings, they also provide ease of planning since you’re not battling other couples for the busy summer wedding season dates.

Especially for couples lucky enough to live in Canada, winter takes up a large chunk of the year and provides tons of great dates and locations to get married in.

5 benefits of having a winter wedding

Here are five benefits to having a winter wedding:

1. Cost savings

Since winter is considered “off-season” for weddings, many vendors and venues offer a winter discount. While there are still popular dates in the winter, like New Year’s Eve and long weekends, other dates in the dead of winter will likely open up some options for cost-savings.

For photographers and wedding videographers especially, the winter season really slows down for them. Don’t be hesitant to ask vendors if they have a winter price list while you’re shopping around.

2. Delicious winter food options

Winter time means comfort food, and seasonal menus are incredible in the winter. Think of warm and cozy, delicious meals that will fill your guests stomach’s with good memories. Crowd favorites like mac and cheese cups, tomato soup, lava cakes for dessert, a hot chocolate or apple cider bar are all fair game in the winter.

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3. Gorgeous winter backdrop

Embrace the glistening snow and don’t be afraid to get outside with your wedding party and new spouse. You’ll have your pick of locations if you’re thinking of going outside, and you can get creative with attire if you’re thinking of stepping into the cold.

Many brides and bridesmaids opt for anything like faux-fur shawls, to colored blankets or big scarfs to wrap around the bridesmaids arms outside. If you’re feeling creative, you can even do leather jackets or fuzzy ear muffs.

Talk to your photographer and work out a game plan. An experienced photographer will be able to give you tips and tricks for shooting in the snow.

4. Less competition

Unlike couples planning their wedding during the summer, which is the busiest time of the year for weddings, you will be able to take a more stress-free route when finding venders. A lot of couples book their vendors a year or more in advance if they’re thinking of a summer wedding, meaning if you are too, you might end up with your second or third choice.

If you’re planning a wedding on a tight timeline, winter is definitely ideal for this reason. Plus, your guests won’t be as busy in the winter so they’ll be excited to have an event to plan for.

5. Winter décor

Deep colors, like royal blue and emerald green are so in this year. You can play with metallics, or wild flowers with deep, dark colors. Greenery is also fun to play with in the winter. There is something so romantic about a winter wedding, and you get to play with wedding styling that really is unlike anything a lot of your guests will have seen before.


Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital