Wedding Dessert Table Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Every couple knows that food is one of the most important aspects of the wedding and dessert is no exception. Guest may not always notice the little details like the centerpieces or the bouquets, but they definitely notice what they eat. While you’re busy choosing the perfect appetizers and meal, don’t forget about the wedding dessert table – the best part of the meal and the final touch on your evening.

The dessert table is where you get to be the most creative, choosing whatever sweets you think your guests will love. You can also choose a dessert table that goes with the theme of your wedding, or reflects you as a couple. There are tons of fun and exciting things you can do with dessert.

Not sure what to do to wow your guests? Here are a 10 of our favorite ideas to get you started.

Candy bar

Candy bars are tried and tested crowd favorites. Having a variety of candy that your guests can pick and choose from means that everyone will be happy, no matter what. You can get fancy with signage and candy bags, or go the DIY route with paper bags and a stamp with your initials.

Donut towers

Donuts are growing in popularity amongst the wedding crowds and donuts are so fun to create. Everyone loves a good donut, and you can get creative with all different kinds of donuts. You can mix and match the flavor of donut with the different flavors of icing, and even go crazy with the toppings.

Milk & cookies

Pairing cookies with small glasses of milk is a fun way of switching things up. Choosing Oreos, chocolate chip, double chocolate, red velvet, and pairing them with milk and chocolate milk in tiny glasses is a cool grab and go dessert table idea.


An alternative to cake is doing cupcakes, and you can get assorted flavors and icings to satisfy any guest. You can match the icing to your wedding décor or just have a bunch of different types. More often than not, brides are now opting for a cupcake tower over a traditional wedding cake to cut, which is a really unique idea.

Espresso bar & gourmet tea bar

If you worry your guests will be too full after dinner, an espresso bar with gourmet coffee and teas to choose from is a fun way to go. For some sweets, you can add in biscotti and other pairings for dipping.

Colour themed

Nothing says elegance and creativity like a colour coordinated dessert bar. Pick a colour and get the desserts to match – whether it’s all one coloured table or a mix and match of your wedding colours. You can pair up candy, icing, and other fun dessert items for a themed bar.


Who doesn’t love a good pie!? Pies are incredibly flavorful and come in so many different varieties; your guests will love the idea. You can do all sorts of fruit pies, as well as custard and chocolate filled pies if there are kids.


Popcorn comes in all different flavors, and you can even mix things like chocolates, M&Ms, mints, skittles, and any other candy for a DIY popcorn bar. Popcorn is a nice, light snack that will sit well throughout the evening as people dance and continue to drink, making it the perfect snack.

Sweet treats

Waffles, cinnamon buns, churros – just close your eyes and imagine how delicious your venue will smell! Putting out a bunch of sweet treats is always a guaranteed winner, and things like waffles with berries and ice cream, or having warm served cinnamon buns or churros will make your guests line-up for seconds.

Fruit fondue

After a big meal, you may want to provide a fresh finish for the evening. A chocolate fondue (or fan favorite – Nutella fondue) with fresh fruit will be the perfect finish to the evening.

Use your imagination!

You really can’t go wrong with dessert, whatever you choose. Whether you stick to one style of item, a theme, or mix and match, your crowd will love having a sweet treat.

Don’t stress too much about getting your dessert table ready – your caterer can help you craft the perfect dessert table, whatever it may be. They’ll be able to provide you with the best crowd-pleasing options, utensils, and cool set-up or serving experience. If you choose to DIY your table, try to choose something that can be done in advance and keep for longer times, such as a candy bar or popcorn table.

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital