Planning The Perfect Fall Wedding

Planning The Perfect Fall Wedding

Summer season is coming to an end and the crisp fall air is in full affect. What a better time to get married?! Fall weddings couples get to take advantage of the cooler air, the less busy schedules, and the incredible fall colors and in-season fall food. For couples who want to get married in the fall, or aren’t quite sure when they want to get married, a fall wedding is a great option.

Couples are choosing more and more to consider other options instead of the ever popular summer wedding months. Fall is less busy for wedding vendors, often making it cheaper for some bookings and also less competition when you’re trying to get availability from your top picks. Now more than ever, couples are opting for a fall wedding due to the ease of planning and hopefully, ease of spending.

Here are some tips for planning the perfect fall wedding.

1. Find the right venue

Depending on what fall month you choose and where you live, fall can be quite cold – especially in Canada! You never really know what you’re going to get. Chances are if you’re doing a fall wedding, you’ll want to go with a venue that is indoors, either for both the ceremony and reception or at least the reception. That way, you can take whatever weather comes your way.

2. Take advantage of the outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of a fall wedding is the changing leaves and gorgeous scenery. Play on the beauty of the season by scouting out outdoorsy photo locations and also some décor that brings nature inside. Many couples enjoy decorating with a fall theme, using the earthy colors and in-season florals.

3. Try out a seasonal menu

Ask your caterer to put together a tasting for you and your partner using a fall inspired menu. Warm up with the perfect soup for an appetizer, get an apple pie or dumplings on the go, roast some nuts, and use the best in-season vegetables. Fall is a great time for a culinary feast, with heartwarming meals that your guests will love.

4. Enjoy the fall trendy colors

A popular trend for fall weddings is mix-matching colors. A lot of bridal parties are going with a mix of deep greens, reds, blues, and yellows. Wildflowers compliment this trend so well, with groomsmen in dark navy suits or more casual wear.

5. Dress up your dresses

With the cooler weather, you can have some fun with stylish covers for the bride and bridal party. Whether it’s a wool scarf, blankets, a pashmina, or faux fur, many brides and bridal parties are having fun with adding a unique touch to the dresses.

Have fun

Planning a fall wedding opens up so many options for a gorgeous, fun, tasty, well designed wedding. Since it’s so unique, your guests will love getting over the post-summer blues with your celebration. Also, you can plan your honeymoon at a time where flights are less busy and hopefully cheaper.

Whatever you decide to do, and whenever you decide to get married, your day will be special and unique no matter what the season is.

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital