Stop and pause – 7 Ways To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Stop and pause – 7 Ways To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day can be a blur of family, friends, scheduling, food, and drinks. One second you’re on the way to the venue and then you blink and you’re passed out in your honeymoon suite. For many couples, the wedding day is fun but exhausting. After the fact, many couples wished they slowed down a bit to take in the day.

It may not be easy to slow down on your wedding day, but luckily there are some things you can do that will allow you to stop, pause, take in, and enjoy.

Here are 7 things to do to help you enjoy your wedding day.

1. Pause before you head to the ceremony

When you’re all done up and ready to go to the venue, ask for a few moments alone. Close your eyes and think about what this day means to you. Take in how great and loved you feel. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. These moments alone allow you to reflect on what’s about to come. Also, positive affirmations allow you to feel confident before you walk down the aisle or stand up there in front of your guests.

2. Write notes to each other to read before the ceremony

A lot of couples enjoy giving each other a gift or a note to open before the ceremony.  Take the time to read this privately. It’s a special, intimate moment that you get from your partner and it allows you to remember what this day is all about: marrying the love of your life.

3. Do a first look, if you’re more private

Some couples decide to do a first look due to timing or practicality, but other couples choose to do it to savor the intimacy of the moment. It’s really up to you and your partner to discuss what would make you feel the most comfortable, so know that doing a reveal can really help ease the nerves.

4. Pause after the ceremony

Before you get swept away for photos, take a second with your new husband or wife and sit together. Look into each other’s eyes, thank them for their vows, and hold each other. It can be so easy to forget what this day is all about, so stopping together and taking it all in can help ensure you don’t lose your connection between the crowds of guests and music later.

5. Take it in during dinner

While you’re eating, take a moment to observe your reception. Think about how lucky you are – look at all these people who came to celebrate you and your marriage. How incredible is that?! While you’re at it, take a good sip of your wine or drink and close your eyes as you take a bite of your meal. This moment of reflection will help you pack away memories.

6. Savor your first dance

Enjoy some of your first dance in silence. A lot of couples use this moment to chat, or sing along to the song, but try to close your eyes and take in every bit of this moment together. After a long day, the first dance is a chance to get lost in a meaningful song and take in your new partner.

7. Sneak away together

Surprise your partner by stealing them for a few moments at the reception and tell them how much you love them. Don’t talk logistics! Talk about how amazing the day is going and how lucky you feel. Exchange a few kisses and then go back out to party!

Weddings can feel like a rush of constant go-go-go, but thinking ahead about the small things you can do to enjoy your day can really make a big difference. Stopping to take in the moment helps your brain process memories and can really help you two feel connected. Enjoy your wedding day and soak up all of the love you’ll feel!

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital