Is a winter wedding really cheaper?

Winter weddings are often considered by many newly engaged couples due to the fact that winter weddings can sometimes be cheaper. Since wedding season normally runs through summer and into early fall, winter can bring some cost savings from vendors who want to fill up their docket in the “off” months.

But, are winter weddings really that much cheaper than weddings during the other times of the year?

It really depends! 

As you begin to plan your winter wedding, here are some things to consider:

Are winter weddings really cheaper

Wedding Insurance

Some couples opt to skip wedding insurance, but for winter weddings, there is a higher risk of bad weather causing a kink in your day. If a huge blizzard comes, and guests are unable to fly in or roads are blocked to the venue and they can’t get their staff in safely, you might want to consider wedding insurance. That way, if anything happens you are covered. 

Wedding insurance can cost anywhere between $150 up to $550+, depending on the coverage you select. 

Floral costs

When there’s snow on the ground, it means that your floral costs might be a bit higher depending on what flowers you’re hoping to have. Some florists ship in their flowers anyway, but if you’re dead set on flowers that aren’t in season, you might pay a premium to get them.  Of course, if you’re open to whatever flowers are in season, this may not have any impact on your budget at all. 

Plus, with winter weddings, you can get super creative with florals given the nature of winter décor.

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Most brides and bridal parties mostly just worry about the perfect dress, but if you’re looking to get pictures taken outside, you might want to consider additional layers. Whether it’s a stunning coat to wear over your dress, or opting for a faux fur shawl or shoulder cover of some sorts, it will be an additional cost to the bride and the bridesmaids.

Don’t be afraid to have a winter wedding!

If you’re comfortable having your wedding 100% inside, with most of your pictures inside, and you’re alright with the risk of the weather being a blizzard (depending where you live), then there’s not much to worry about! Winter weddings are growing in popularity for a reason – they’re gorgeous, fun, and often much cheaper.

Winter weddings offer a different set of planning considerations, and with the money you save on vendors, you can spend towards your warm, romantic honeymoon, splurge on the venue, or hire the entertainment of your dreams. 


Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital