Wedding Week To-Dos That Are Important

Wedding Week To-Dos That Are Important

You’ve spent months and weeks planning your wedding, and as the day get closer, it’s easy to forget about all of the little tasks that still need to get done. While you’re DIYing center-pieces and wrangling bridesmaids and out-of-town family members, it’s important to take a second to think about the tasks that may slide under the radar.

There are many important tasks that are sometimes easy to forget – like getting one last trim before the big day. But, don’t worry – we’re here to remind you of those to-do items that will help make your wedding week run a bit more smoothly. Here’s the top 5 things to-do the week of your wedding to make your wedding to-do list a bit lighter.

1. Organize all décor and wardrobe items

You have wedding stuff in your basement, garage, bedroom, closet, mom’s house, and maid of honours house (to name a few). It’s now time to take every single item and put it into bins. Go grab Rubbermaid bins from any store and label with where they’ll need to go. That way, the morning or night before the wedding, your crew can grab the bins and know what’s what.

Take out all of your wardrobe items as well and set them out. Check if everything is wearable and ready, or if it needs to be ironed or steamed. Ensure that everything is exactly how you want it to be and that you can locate it all. No one wants to tear apart the closet for a measly pocket square when you have other things to worry about!

2. Touch base with all of your vendors

Call or email every vendor and confirm all of the details for arrival, job duties, and ensure they have all of the information they need so they’re ready to go. Get the contact person for everyone and supply the details to your point of contact person or wedding planner. Also, write up a list of who you will need to pay and double check the amount with your vendors so the final payments go smoothly.

3. Pack for your honeymoon – before the night before the wedding!

While the honeymoon may be the last thing on your mind as you get ready to say ‘I do’, it’s still a huge part of your wedding! Going on a trip is no last minute thing, so take the time to pack with your partner ahead of time and get it out of the way. No one wants to get to Hawaii for a romantic vacation and realize they didn’t pack a bathing suit.

4. Schedule last-minute appointments

Start thinking of all the little appointments you need to get out of the way, such as makeup, spray tan, nails, pedicure, waxing, dry cleaning pick-up, vet appointment – you name it. These appointments can really add up and you want to be able to have time to make all of them without feeling frazzled and stressed.

5. Write your vows & take some time together

A lot of couples feel out of sync leading up to their wedding as they get lost in family, friends, and a planning frenzy. Plan a night to sit together as you write your vows with some wine, or enjoy a morning with just the two of you over coffee. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of the wedding and forget what all of this hoopla is about!

Writing your vows last minute can be very stressful, so carve out time either solo or together to get this very important task out of the way. You’ll be happy you did later.

Remember – take time to ENJOY the process

It’s important for every couple to stop and take time to enjoy this process [link to relevant blog we did in the past]. While planning a wedding be tough, it’s still a huge milestone in your life. Planning is just as much a part of the big day as the day its self, so enjoy it and have fun spending time together, working with friends and family, and getting to host this awesome party.

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital