5 Ways To Get Past Wedding Planning Burnout

5 Ways To Get Past Wedding Planning Burnout

Wedding planning takes a lot of time and effort. If you’re anything like most couples who are in the middle of their wedding planning, near the end, or sometimes only about to start (who are we kidding!), you may already be suffering from wedding burnout. Symptoms include avoiding tasks, procrastination, bickering, or just that plain ol’ feeling of “I don’t care, just do whatever!”. Sound like you or your fiancé?

Weddings come with a lot of big tasks that require a lot of mental work, research, emailing, meetings, and discussion. Then, there’s all those ‘little’ tasks that can really pile up. Wedding planning burnout is something every couple will feel at one point or another – so don’t worry. On top of your daily life, wedding planning is a lot to take on!

Here are five ways to get through the wedding burnout when (and if) it happens to you.

  1. Make a list of tasks, ranging from easy to hard

Write out everything you have to do and rank them on easy, medium, or hard, in terms of effort and time it’ll take you. Then, try checking off the easy ones. By doing this, you’ll feel a new energy about the whole process, and you’ll feel more motivated to tackle a medium or hard task next. Plus, getting aside the easy tasks ensures that they don’t pile up. Something as small as getting a guestbook can turn into a mountain closer to the date when you have 100 little things to do.

For hard tasks, space them out. Think of each milestone: meeting your caterer, planning a tasting, meeting a florist, visiting the venue for a site visit, etc. Then, plan one every two weeks or one a month if you have the time. There’s no need to do everything NOW if you can plan it out appropriately.

  1. Ask for help

This is often the hardest for most brides and grooms. Asking for help can be daunting, especially if your partner isn’t so into wedding planning. Think about what tasks aren’t that important for you, or perhaps are more tactical. For example, booking the lighting and sound system or getting your special events permit. Delegate these tasks to someone close to you or your partner so you have one less thing on your plate.

  1. Take a break

Yes, take a break! Find peace in the fact that things will get done. We promise. Powering through wedding planning exhaustion will only make you less effective and unhappy. Have a wedding-planning-free weekend (or week) if you can! Spend a weekend reconnecting with your fiancé with a staycation or weekend away. Enjoy your time being engaged, and try to re-energize the process. It’ll help you remember what all this work is for – beginning a new chapter of your lives together.

  1. Stop getting ideas online and get off social media

It’s so common for couples to get caught up on Pinterest and wedding blogs, especially AFTER they’ve made a decision. Everything looks so nice online, but it’s not always realistic for real life. Too much social media and browsing of other people’s weddings online (and in magazines) will just cause unnecessarily high expectations, stress, and ultimately disappointment.

Use online and magazine photos for the inspiration/dream-stage of your wedding, and then put them away once you’ve made your choices. Feel happy with what YOU have decided and remember that there’s always another good idea, cooler backdrop, glamourous dress, or fun food idea out there. If you keep looking, you’re just going to drive yourself crazy.

  1. Consider hiring a pro

We so often see couples come to us after trying their hand at wedding planning and realizing it wasn’t for them. We’re always so happy they reached out, because professionals can improve the wedding planning process so much. If you’re budget conscious, consider the cost vs. stress of hiring a professional.

Sometimes adding on a planner or coordinator to your wedding budget and cutting back on something else, like guest favors or extravagant invitations (opt for digital invites instead) is well worth the sacrifice. You can hire someone to help with any aspect you’re struggling with, whether it’s a full planner, partial planner, month-of coordinator, day-of coordinator, or simply a decorator. It’s worth the cost to be able to enjoy your engagement and ultimately, your big day.

Wedding planning isn’t always meant to be all roses and sunshine. While some couples love the process, others find it’s not for them. Where ever you fall on the spectrum, know that you’re not alone. Take some time to pause, think about how you’re feeling, and create a plan to make it all better. Then, get back into it and countdown to your wedding!

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital