5 Reasons To Consider A Brunch Wedding

5 Reasons To Consider A Brunch Wedding

Between budgeting for a wedding, battling other brides for the perfect venue or your perfect date, and your guests busy schedules – you may feel like planning a traditional wedding isn’t for you. Having a brunch wedding is growing increasingly popular amongst brides everywhere who are looking for something different, easy, and who are straying away from the formality of most weddings.

A brunch wedding is great for brides looking to cut costs, do something off the beaten path, and do something a little different for their wedding. Yes – it may not be a formal dinner with an open bar and a party after, but it can still be a TON of fun.

We absolutely love helping brides plan a brunch wedding and wanted to share our top five reasons why every bride should consider a brunch wedding.

Save on costs

While you’ll still need to cater your brunch wedding and ensure your guests have enough to eat, the time frame means a lot of different meal planning. As guests arrive, you can have light snacks and juice, coffee, and tea available. After the ceremony, you can do a sit down brunch or a brunch buffet with mimosas or other breakfast cocktails. Or, skip the cocktails all together! You can save a lot on the liquor costs by sticking with a day-time affair, rather than one that stretches from 5pm cocktails to 1am dancing.

Sometimes venues will have discounts for morning weddings, and you won’t have to rent lighting equipment and décor to support an evening event. You may be able to save by using an iPod or playlist, rather than hiring a DJ. Also, with an outdoor/daytime wedding, you can really shave off a lot of the big décor like sheers, huge centerpieces, etc.

Fun food options

With brunch being in the morning, it’s best to go light and easy with the food. Brunch menu options are a lot different than traditional weddings, which often require passed canapes, appetizers, mains, and desserts, and growing in popularity, a late night snack. Instead, you get to do one meal with snacks!

It’s really easy to please everyone with a brunch (including picky eaters), rather than limiting yourself to a few food options with dinner. Guests absolutely love having brunch. Who doesn’t love a good brunch menu?! With lattes, eggs benny, a DIY Caesar bar, donuts, and freshly squeezed juice, your guests will absolutely love the food at your brunch wedding. The sky is the limit.

Your wedding, your way

A brunch wedding can be an elegant affair or something low-key and casual. It’s really up to you! A garden party in the morning with tea and biscuits, or a pancake breakfast with music and dancing in the middle of the day, there’s so much you can do with a daytime wedding.

Since your wedding will be happening with full sunlight, you can skip on renting lighting and let the natural light shine in. Whether you’re doing a boho wedding in the park, or a fancy lunch overlooking gorgeous floral grounds, you can decorate in a way that focuses on simplicity and fun letting nature do it’s thing.

More time to enjoy

Just because your wedding is in the daytime, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the party! If you’re having fun and dancing, so will your guests. The after wedding part is the best part of your day, and having the wedding in the daytime leaves more time for people to hang out. For people with older guests, guest who are travelling from afar, or guests with children, a brunch wedding is such a treat!

Plus, you can get a ton of gorgeous photos in the light of day and your photographer will definitely be thanking you!

Easier to mingle

There’s just something to be said about how relaxed a brunch wedding is. Maybe it’s because everyone woke up and headed over to the wedding (rather than prepping all day), or maybe it’s because of the beautiful sunlight. Either way, brunch weddings end up being more of a social event with lots of time to mingle and enjoy.

With everyone enjoying the day, guests are more at ease and refreshed and the smiles on the bride and grooms face really tell it all. It’s a great option for couples looking to have a full-day with their loved ones.

Weddings can be done so many ways, and it’s really up to you how your day goes! Take time to think about how you want your guests to feel, how you want to feel, and go from there. Whether it’s a brunch wedding, a massive party, a formal event, or a destination, it’s your big day.

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital