10 Corporate Gifts To Impress Your Colleagues

10 Corporate Gifts To Impress Your Colleagues

Planning a corporate party can be fun, no matter what the topic or occasion. Whether it’s an annual team building event, a holiday party, or an end of training bash, you can impress your guests with a token of appreciation in the form of a party favor.

Handing out a party favor at the beginning or end of your event is a great way to thank participants for their time commitment – even if it’s a mandatory event. It’s a little token of your company’s appreciation and a crucial aspect of your event that not be overlooked skipped. Employees really appreciate feeling valued, and a party favor is one great way to show it!

Skip the unisex t-shirt with your company name that’ll end up in the back of someone’s closet until spring cleaning and do something fun! Let us inspire you with a few ideas.

1. Hire a photobooth

Photobooths aren’t just for weddings anymore. Everyone loves taking pictures in photobooths and a good photobooth company will come with props, a backdrop, and branded print-outs. Employees will have a ton of fun getting dressed up and saying cheese while getting to know their coworkers a bit better as they pose together. Usually all photos get saved digitally, giving you a great content to share internally or externally on a company blog later.

2. Branded selfie-sticks

Yes, people poke fun at selfie-sticks but everyone loves owning one! Get with the times and impress your staff by handing out selfie-sticks at the beginning of the party. Go one step further and award the prize for the best group selfie.

3. A free ride

Handing out Uber codes or taxi chits ahead of time will take the pressure off employees who commute and want to catch the last train, or those who drove and wanted to have a drink or two. If there is alcohol, taxi chits are definitely a must.

4. A succulent

Succulents are cheap, nice to look at, and easy to care for in an office environment. Get a selection of little succulents with different coloured pots for their new desk plant. Don’t forget to attach the care instructions on a nice note too. Employees will love the chance to give their office some light.

5. A portable charger

Everyone is so connected to their phone these days, so why not give them a battery boost? A branded portable USB charger is cheap to order in bulk and always a crowd pleaser.

6. A lunch coupon

If everyone is at the party tonight, who is making lunch for tomorrow?! Show your employees that you care about their time by offering them a coupon to buy lunch tomorrow. Whether it’s a healthy restaurant your employees love to stop in at, or a voucher for an online ordering service, your employees will love being able to take the night off from meal prep.

7. Hire a caricature artist

Caricature artists are cheap, fun, and provide a lasting memory for your employees. Not only is it a great ice breaker, it’s something everyone will enjoy taking home to their family and friends to have a giggle at later on.

8. A gourmet treat

Fancy donuts, nicely made cupcakes, flavored popcorn, or any other trendy treats that people are dying to get their hands on are a great way to please the crowd. A caterer can help you with a bulk order and you can have them dressed up with a nice thank-you note.

9. A nice pen

We say “nice” because no one needs another branded pen! It’s worth ordering a fancy, heavy pen that will last your employees a long time. Extra points if it comes in a nice box.

10. A curated box

A little gift box with a theme goes a long way. Consider a “coffee break” box with local coffee, cookies, and a nice mug or a wine box with cheese and crackers, or even a variety of boxes to allow people to choose their own – you can’t go wrong with providing a nice little gift box or bag as a thank-you.

As long as you think about what your employees actually want or need, not just what every other company does, you’re on the right track. Your employees will appreciate the thought and effort behind the party favor.

Written By Brad Dalli from Dalli Digital